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It all begun in 1992 from a pioneering seminar about  “Food Hygiene”.
The inspirer, the organizer and the presenter of the seminar was Mr. Panayiotis Andreou, a young scientist with a wide enterprising spirit. The seminar had an extraordinary success and triggered the interest of the enterprising world.
Mr. Andreou got the message and in 1993 founded h.s.i Foodtech Laboratories Ltd. The company was small and flexible and initially functioned as a microbiological and biochemical laboratory which specialized in food analysis. The laboratory today is a modern laboratory that embraces the latest technology equipment.

In a short period of time h.s.i Foodtech Laboratories Ltd, due to its responsibility, validity, and the high standard of services that provides gained an excellent reputation in the market. This fact enabled the company to attract a large number of public and private companies. Most of these business partners are still working with us.

Since then h.s.i Foodtech Laboratories Ltd has been offering quality solutions for Food Hygiene, Quality and Environment Management Systems, Analytical and Microbiological Laboratory Services, as well as Training Seminars (Open and In-company seminars).


In a short period of time our company expanded in the health and environmental sector with the same success.
Concurrently, the market matured creating suitable conditions for the next step. This was the study, application and the implementation of an advanced system in a circle of pioneering services which embraced the customer and product in a protective manner covering each and every need.


For the 26 years of h.s.i Foodtech Laboratories Ltd that has been operating, the company is in a position to demonstrate a long list of achievements in various sectors.
The company with its pioneering studies and research managed to contribute to the significant sectors of “Hygiene of Quality” and “Safety” regarding not only food but also the working environment. The company through its projects, has developed a series of management systems that conform the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IS0 45001, ISO 17025 and HACCP.

h.s.i Foodtech Laboratories Ltd through its research, also contributed towards the adoption of FSSC, BRC and ISO 22000 and has formulated a new type methodology that was adopted by the market.

Our company, through its large enterprising activities, also ensured that there were constant collaborations with large business groups (inside and outside of Cyprus), restaurants and any kind of enterprises related to the food industry.

For h.s.i Foodtech Laboratories Ltd the future is already here. The company has the face of a devotional collaborator along with the inexhaustible human capital of a pioneer researcher.
Our organization has an assurance and confidence that was obtained through knowledge, experience, excellent organizational skills, correct recruitments and infrastructure, and also from hard work.
h.s.i Foodtech Laboratories Ltd has the vision and the foundations for fruitful future developments.